Property Exchange

Property Exchange

There are many who look to exchange their old property for a new one. For some, the reason is the need to relocate to a new area or city, while others want to upgrade to a bigger house. Though a relatively new concept, ‘exchanging a property’ is possible in India.
Wish to exchange your old house for a new upgraded one? Here's your chance. Realboom A to Z services Pvt Ltd, a Amaravthi-based real estate firm, has announced a Home Exchange Plan – an initiative with multiple benefits for home sellers who are looking to upgrade their homes. While the housing industry is constrained to replicate the exact version of an automobile exchange into the context of homes because of the fragmented nature of the housing market, Realboom A to Z services Pvt is attempting to assist home buyers to sell their existing home through a formal process, so as to help the customer plan for the finances required for the new home purchase, the company says.

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